Got Time? 5 Ways to Spend a Day at the Orlando International Airport | Part 1

Orlando International Airport


I’ve lived here for 11 years, been to the Orlando International Airport countless times but always just considered it as the gateway to my vacation, with little or nothing to do.  Well that’s not true! If you’ve just concluded a theme park filled vacation, business conference or just came off a Port Canaveral cruise and have to wait a few hours at the Orlando Airport, you don’t have to let the wait damper your vacation.  Here are 5 things to turn your wait into an adventure within.

The Mini Vacation You Need After the Vacation

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

Everyone says after a vacation you need a vacation.  Well here you go. Why not start early? Watch the runway from your own private room, enjoy a relaxing day at the pool or sleep peacefully in a luxurious, high-end bed by asking the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport for the “Day Rate”; this is probably one of the best $99 plus tax you’ll spend in Orlando.

One awesome feature of the “Day Rate” is the number of people occupying your room is not a major concern since you aren’t staying overnight. Plus, you still have access to all of the hotel’s amazing amenities; the Hyatt Regency is the ONLY hotel located in the Orlando International Airport.

 The Atrium

An atrium is a central hall or court in a modern building with rooms or galleries off it, and often covered with glass. And yes, the Orlando International Airport has its own.

The Atrium at the Orlando International Airport

Hit two birds with one stone, no pun intended, by people watching and bird watching. Yes, there are actually birds in the airport. Have fun with your kids as you try to locate and name them.

Relax around the ever changing central water fountain and feel at peace in minutes, despite the hustle and bustle of airport passengers and personnel traffic. “It’s like a little water show!” There is also a quaint Starbucks and a Hudson News for your daily news, gifts and sundries.

For the Sports Lover in You

If you love sports, you’ll love the Home Team Sports Bar. Don’t miss a beat while enjoying a panoramic view of approximately 20 screens with several different gaming events. Seat yourself either at the bar or private table and enjoy a full bar, drinks on tap, nachos, burgers and more. The price for your meal is actually fair and it’s a great way to spend your time at the Orlando Airport.

Home Team Sports Bar at the Orlando International Airport

Hangout Off the Beaten Path 

Want a place to chill, watch TV and have a little area for the kids to play?  Try the Holiday Hangout, “A cool place to chill out”.

Holiday Hangout at the Orlando International Airport

To find this spot, it’s located just north of the main Orlando Airport food court in a little side walkway off the beaten path. There is a full scale Suntrust Bank, right across the way, and a mini postal service that has UPS, FedEx and USPS drop boxes to send your post cards and other items to your friends and family or yourself.

Dine in a Another Hemisphere

I was shocked to hear this sky-top restaurant, the Hemisphere Steak & Seafood restaurant, is open to the public. This is a hidden gem!

Hemisphere Steak & Seafood Restaurant at the Orlando International Airport

It’s located on the 9th floor inside the Hyatt Regency hotel. To get there, take the glass elevator on Level 3 and enjoy a panoramic view of the atrium.

Have a chorizo avocado scramble or steel cut oats, just to name a few of their tempting breakfast items.  For dinner get great meals like steak and seafood or go veggie and try the Risotto.  A nice romantic scene for you and your loved one as you overlook the runway from 100 feet above. You’ll almost feel like you’re in one of those movies! Instant Awesome.

Adventure Big!

Whether you’re getting back from a cruise or staying in the Orlando area, we hope you see that you can “adventure big” during your wait or stay at the Orlando International Airport.

A great vacation begins with one click and we hope this click to our site helps you on your journey.

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